Thursday, February 16, 2012

How to Remove Pimples Overnight

You cannot stop the formation of pimples. Pimples may corrupt your days and gives esthetically painful scars. Therefore, pimples are a spot to the beauty of a woman. Every woman wants to get rid of them as coming as possible when they are planning for a date or have a party with their friends.

How to Remove Pimples Overnight

  • First,you'll need to make a change in your lifestyle to make acne free skin. it is essential to think that removing pimples in a only day is almost impossible,but some home remedies will just help you to remove pimples quicker.
  • Eat a healthy diet. Based on a good number of studies,a easy-to-follow way to remove pimples is to eat a healthy and balanced diet. If your live a irritating life, try to eat a balanced and healthy diet taken with plenty of fruit, veg, whole cereal and low proteins. Avoid eating too much foods that have a high pure fat content. It is highly informed to drink about two glasses of water every morning. This can helps to clear the toxins in your body and produce your skin glow naturally. Don't stay up too late.That only gives your skin gentle and clean.Getting enough sleep can promote your health and give your skin appear lighter.
  • When talking about how to remove pimples overnight,there are always a significant amount of people who think that popping pimples is the easiest and fastest method to deal with pimple, unfortunately this is really not the case. To tell the truth,popping pimples can only boost worsen the condition, rather than relieving it.
  • You can apply the white of an egg on the affected area. Then provide it to rest on your skin for around 30 minutes.This can help to dry up pimples.
  • Clean your skin thoroughly. Then use your fingertips to tap fresh lemon juice on the affected area before going to sleep.
  • Mix three tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder to prepare a paste. Clean your skin thoroughly and apply the paste on the affected area. Allow it to continue on your skin overnight.
  • Your skin may dissent from everybody else and some remedies work for somebody else may not process for you.If you fail to find home remedies that suits you,you can also get your dermatologist a visit try some professional advice about how to remove pimples overnight.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

How To Remove Pimples

  • Whether you prefer to name it acne, zits, pimples or spots, know that you're not alone. Through 80% of teenagers will get an outbreak of pimples at some point, which means science and reason have worked overtime to devise directions to treat them as quickly as possible (the demand is certainly right up there).
  • Before we begin looking at how best to treat with them, a few must-know facts are in place. Below the surface of our skin, the sebaceous glands produce sebum in order to lubricate our skin and keep it moist. Sometimes they can turn overactive and block the pores of our skin and cause -- you know it -- pimples. It is important to realize that while not every treatment may work, & outbreaks can re-occur & become persistent in certain individuals, they are neither dangerous nor contagious. Taking Away pimples quick, therefore, becomes a question of aesthetics (which is also undoubtedly important) rather than a health concern.


Plan Of Action :

  • There are many paths to deal acne, from home remedy tricks to commercial products. We'll deal with them all briefly and work our way to long-term solutions to keep them off.

Home Remedies :

  • Salt water method - Take a bucket or container and fill it with warm water. Once it's almost full you're starting to add a copious amount of salt to it. When I say copious, I mean a lot. Proceed going until it's really salty, then add a little more plainly because you can't go wrong. Dip a cotton ball into the solution for a min or so and then apply it gently to the pimple in question and hold it there for several minutes (patience is the key). When you remove it you may be surprised to find that it may have discolored somewhat, great! But we're not done yet. Now dip two more cotton balls and flatten the spot by pressing firmly from either side of it.
  • Garlic - Garlic bears natural antibiotic properties that can take care of zits. Rub a clove of garlic on the spot in question several times a day, keep off doing this on date-night for obvious reasons!
  • Cucumber - Covering the spot in question with grated cucumber for 15 min can be used to treat & prevent pimples. Especially good at removing post-zit removal marks on the skin.
  • Lemon & orange peel paste - Break down lemon and orange peels & mix it w/ water, flour & honey to produce a viscous paste which can be applied to any part of the body which houses pimples,hickeys,zits.

Types of Pimples :

Recognize thy enemy. There are different kinds of pimples, learn to tell them apart!
  • Whiteheads - Flesh colored and minute.
  • Blackheads - Often confused with dirt.
  • Cysts - Painful and contain pus.
  • Papules - Pink solid and round.
  • Nodules - Akin to papules but bigger.
  • Pustules - Visibly contain pus on top, red below.

Commercial Remedies :

  • This article isn't approximately recommending any commercial solution over another, I may mention one or two names in passing, but my focus will be on active ingredients rather than brand names.
  • Benzoyl peroxide - Is a substance which directly attacks the bacteria that causes the breakout (propionibacteria acnes).
  • Proactiv - A very popular treatment that involves three distinct steps (you can read more about their pimple removal steps here).
  • Laser Treatment - If speed & severity are key, laser treatment can level the playing field after a week or so. I only really recommend this if it's a bad outbreak since it can be horribly expensive as well as mildly annoying.
  • Sulphur Based - Commercial products based on sulphur products try & catalyze removal of dead skin, thereby freeing the clogged up pores. Not a rapid solution, but a natural one.
  • Acupuncture - If taking medicine of any kind isn't really your thing, acupuncture has reported some success over the course of a handful of session.
  • Antibiotics - Some people may be prescibed oral antibiotics such as Tetracycline in order to combat acne. I have some personal reservations about this -- but they are personal.
Lifestyle Tips To Prevent Pimples:

Correcting a number of lifestyle issues can largely prevent a reoccurrance of acne. Here are some general tips:

  1. Move towards balancing your diet.
  2. Develop a habit of not only cleaning the skin, but nourishing it.
  3. Fight stress.
  4. Exercise.
  5. Drink plenty of water.
  6. Reduce the amount of cosmetics and oily lotions you use. It can lead to a vicious cycle (I.E you'll need more and more cosmetics to clean up more and more pimples)!

More Info About Pimples

  • Pimples are tiny skin infection which is a general problem for people all over the world. People in their adolescent age are prone to pimples. Irritating to squeeze them will only scatter the infection but will never put an end to pimples. Moreover when you try to break them they might end up in shaping scars on the surface of the skin. There are a number of paths to take away pimples. Pimples can also be inherited form parents. Eating a balanced and nutritious diet can provide you with the required nutrition to fight against the infections. Read on to know more about, how to remove pimples...
  • The appearance of unwanted pimples can cause a lot of frustration & worry. Taking Out pimples can be a huge pain. There are a lot of ways to take away pimples. Several brilliant tips to remove pimples are as follows. If you want to stay away from pimples take a lot of fruits & vegetables. They help in removing the unwanted toxins from the body. Add more fresh juices and water in the body. You should always keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Another natural method to cure pimples is to apply sandalwood or turmeric on the pimple. Turmeric has cooling effect and will help in reducing the size of the pimple.
  • The next tip to take away pimples is to avoid eating oily foods as pimples mainly appear on oily skin due to the accumulation of excess oil. Avoid eating chocolates and excess of sweets. To remove pimples always take good care of your hair. Dandruff in the hair can also cause pimples. Wash your face at least twice a day with a good cleanser. Use a separate towel for your face and body. Consume fresh salads which will help you maintain a good skin. Rub lemon on the surface of the skin gently to take away the scars caused by pimples. One more natural diet is to drink coconut water in empty stomach. Coconut water reduces the heat inside the body and thus makes the pimple to subside on its own rapidly.
  • Removing pimples is not that easy. It is always advisable for us to allow it to subside on its own otherwise trying to break it down will only harm us. It is also good to consult a dermatologist if the pimple remains on the surface of the skin for a very long period of time.